Suggested Readings

When I was in high school, an author by the name of Matthew Kelley came and spoke at my school. I missed that day, so I never heard him speak, but every student later received a copy of his New York Times Best Seller, The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose. It was probably one of the few books that I actually read all of the way through back then.

The book was okay—you know, inspiring and all—but there is one thing that stuck with me. Kelley makes a simple suggestion. Have a place where you keep the books that have impacted you the most. Maybe above your fireplace or on a shelf next to your bed. This place is the constant reminder of how these books changed you. Once you read them, something about you was different than before.

I want to start that list here. The books featured on this ever-growing list have each impacted me in profound ways, challenging my beliefs and inspiring my faith in ways that are both constructive and meaningful. My hope is that these books may bring to you the same challenge and enjoyment that they have brought me.





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