Suggested Readings

During my high school days, an author by the name of Matthew Kelley came and spoke at my school. I missed that day, so I never heard him speak, but every student later received a copy of his New York Times Best Seller, The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose. It was probably one of the few books that I actually read all of the way through back then.

The book was okay—you know, inspiring and all—but there is one thing that stuck with me. Matthew Kelley makes a simple suggestion. Have a place where you keep the books that have impacted you the most. Maybe above your fireplace or on a shelf next to your bed. This place is the constant reminder of how these books changed you. Once you read them, something about you was different then it was before.

I want to start that list here. This ever-changing and ever-growing list of books has challenged me and changed the way I think, especially when it comes to my theology and beliefs. My hope is that these books may bring to you the same challenge and enjoyment that they have brought me.





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